Pepper Spray in Medford MA

By | October 20, 2017

The Best Pepper Spray To Use Is Based On Your Experience and Situation. Since pepper sprays are widely used by men and women of all ages, law enforcement, as well as United States postal workers, there are a variety of sizes, intensities and types available in Medford MA.


It is a derivative of the peppers such as cayenne and other hot peppers. Once extracted and made into a spray, it can be used as an effective deterrent in potentially dangerous situations. Pepperspray causes an immediate burning sensation in the skin, eyes and mucous membranes

While there will always be controversy concerning any type of self-defense, these sprays are completely legal, have no proven long-term negative effects and is non-lethal. Self defense spray and tear gas are entirely different products, one an irritant (tear gas), the other an inflammatory agent (oleoresin capsicum spray), and while they may have common uses, they should not be confused.

Pepper spray comes in a variety of types, concentrations, and methods of deployment with different manufacturers (Fox labs, Police Magnum, Security Plus, Sabre Red and SpitFire) each giving there own slant to an already effective product.

Depending on your needs, defense sprays can be purchased in almost any style, shape and price range, with 1/2 ounce keychain models, others disguised as lipstick, but most commonly found in 4 to 9 oz. bottles worn on a small holster on your waist.

PEPPERSPRAY CAN BE DISGUISED: Certain models of self defense sprays can be disguised (hidden) inside a ring, lipstick, pen or cell phone. While you may pay more for a disguised canister, it is a low cost pay for your peace of mind.

They will range in size from a small 1/2 ounce size, up to 1 pound (normally used in riot control) or those venturing into bear country. An important consideration is the range (with 6 to 8 foot being effective) and number of shot (sprays) contained.

PEPPER SPRAY FACT: Most pepper sprays are classified by the number of one second bursts, with a one to two second burst disabling most assailants.

The method of spray delivery will depend on your circumstances, with the following methods being offered…

STEADY and BROKEN STREAM as the name implies shoots a steady or broken stream directly into the face of assailant. This is probably the easiest to aim and most widely used defense spray.

FOAM provides the most protection against the blowback (getting the pepper spray on yourself), and is excellent in windy situations. This foam approximates the consistency of shaving cream but is filled with hot pepper.

FOGGER is excellent for when dealing with multiple attackers, crowd control, packs of dogs, and to keep for protection in your home. The disadvantage of a fogger is the likelihood of some blowback occurring.

FORCED CONE is a recent variation and produces a fine mist but forceful pattern, reaching distances of up to 12 feet. The mist is comprised of very fine droplets minimizing blowback and maximizing your defenses possibilities.

PEPPER SPRAY EFFECTIVENESS: Oleoresin Capsicum spray is rated in two ways; the percentage of OC and SHU, OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) is the inflammatory agent in pepper spray, while SHU (Scoville Heat Units) measure the amount of capsaicin (the active component of chili peppers). When comparing one brand against another, the one with the higher SHU is normally more effective.

Self Defense Sprays, whether made with capsaicin or tear gas, were created to help control difficult situations and this remains where it is most effective. It is not designed to stop a bullet or fend off a knife, rather to provide the opportunity to escape a bad situation and seek help in Medford MA.

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